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Audit Your Brand!

During Social Distancing is the best time to give your brand a makeover! This blog post we will break down how to audit your brand to make sure it’s working for you, and your business. With each Brand Audit we have 2 parts that each answer a specific set of questions. Below we will break down those question that you will need to ask yourself during your brand makeover!

Parts to a Brand Audit:

1. Internal Evaluation

2. External Evaluation

Internal Evaluation

🔹Mission: Is your mission aligned with your business?

🔹Vision: Are you getting closer to your vision?

🔹Audience: Do you know your target audience?

🔹Offer: Are your products and services the best option?

External Evaluation

🔹Logo: Does your logo match your brand?

🔹Consistency: Do you use colors + fonts consistently?

🔹Webpage: Is your page serving a purpose? Do you even have a website?

🔹Social Media: Is your brand coming through?

🔹Communication: What does your brand voice sound like?

🔹Perceptions: How do people perceive your brand?

If you missed our video on Brand Audit you can watch it here:

To Schedule a call, or if need help with your brand audit email us:

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